Thursday, 31 December 2009

I wonder…

…if I had not been thrown out of the Girl Guides, justifiably so, when I was 11, would I be a different person? Why do I ponder this? Well, I heard on the news that the centenary of the Girl Guide movement is to be celebrated in 2010 in Oz. It’s a very good organization…if you can follow the rules. I often wonder if I was a rule follower would life be different or even easier. I tend to think people who follow the rules have an easier life. Do you agree? Disagree? I just think sometimes it’s better to do as you are told. I just can’t seem to make that a reality. Maybe it’s genetic. My grandfather was a conscientious objector because he couldn’t see the point of war. It made life hard for him and his family but in the spirit of my family he said ‘bugger it, I’m not going to follow what everyone else thinks.’ I agree.

I was also thrown out of Girls Bridge when I was 8. Looking back, I can see why my mother was not really surprised at either dumping. In her words ‘those people/groups are beneath you.’ Whether they were or not is irrelevant. My mother declared they were and frankly that’s all that was important. No one gave her children a hard time. I always remember when we landed in a new school for the umpteenth time and the school nitwit, I mean counselor, said to my mother ‘your daughter will never get far in life’. My mother rose to her 5 foot 3 inches and told him to bugger off. Apparently he had a problem with army brats not conforming. I can’t think why. Any kid – army or not – who has been dragged from pillar to post learns quickly attitude will save your arse every time and school counselors are to be mind gamed.

Why did I get thrown out of the Guides for? I was smoking – no, I have never smoked since – and, oh and we may have used the charity money we collected to buy lollies(candy). And Girls Brigade? Well, at 8 years old I had, and still have, a blasphemy problem. I’m bad…bad to the bone…
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Sandra Cox said...

Girls Guide's loss. I can't help thinking if they hadn't thrown you out what they'd be today, Girls With Attitude, Girl Leaders of Today, Girls Go Independent, Girls take on the World. The possibilities are staggering.