Monday, 7 December 2009

Lustful dilemma…

Supply and demand…it’s a pretty simple concept isn’t it? There is a need and the need gets fulfilled. You want something? Someone will supply it to you for a cost. It’s a no brainer. But what if suddenly there is an over supply of the market in, for example, romance books. Let’s say Lustful Literature – no, I have no idea if they exist – decides to shove as many titles as possible onto the market as they can. They even double up with some authors appearing twice or three times in the same month/s. Do you think – ‘wow – those authors are good to be releasing so many books so fast’ or are your thoughts ‘gee, they must have lots of great books to show us’ or maybe you ponder ‘what are they doing? Why the rush? What’s going on?’

Supply and demand always intrigues me. Too much product and you can look desperate and overloaded. Too little product all shoved on the shelves with no back up for following months also indicates desperation. Do you think it’s better to save face and space Lustful’s book releases out hoping to keep the market steady and reliable or is it better to push everything you have out to the public in a smoke and mirrors boy-aren’t-we-busy move? I love smoke and mirrors but blowing smoke is pretty obvious.

Supply and demand – in the current financial global mess – is a balancing act that should be a well thought out move and not an act of desperation. After all, less is more.
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