Sunday, 27 December 2009

Star crossed lovers…

I’ve been thinking some on the concept of star crossed lovers – you know, two lovers who are passionately enamored of the other but circumstances of fate keep them apart. Think Romeo and Juliet or Abelard and Heloise….of course the first pair topped themselves and the other pair? Well castration and a nunnery put the kybosh on that romance. Yeah, maybe not great examples but you get my drift – you can love someone but it doesn’t guarantee a happy ever after.

So, why are we so interested in star crossed lovers? Is it because you just know in the end they can never be together and we need to have a good cathartic cry? Maybe we want to be all Jiminy Cricket and hope they can overcome all odds? Or maybe we wonder about our own ‘one’ who could never be? Maybe we believe love should conquer all and true loves should be together. Maybe we need to have a reality check.

I worry that we’re too hooked on the need for love to be tied up in pretty ribbons. While I believe star crossed lovers exist, I also reckon life is a crapshoot and sometimes love does not conquer all no matter how badly you want it to. So star crossed or cross eyed – take the blinkers off when it comes to love.
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befreindedbydeth said...

I am befreindedbydeth, from deviantart! It is my image! I would have liked a bit of notice before you use my image, but, I'll let it slide, if you use something of mine again, I'll be sad:(

Unknown said...

Consider my hand slapped...we can't have you being sad now can we???