Friday, 18 December 2009

You never know…

...what someone is thinking. I went to have another blood test today. I had my form and I got my number in the queue and waited for my name to be called. It was 7am, before work, and they only had two people taking blood. One woman seemed nice and the other, a complete bitch on wheels. Everyone kept rolling their eyes when she came out and called the next name. It seemed like she had a stick wedged firmly up her arse. She looked cranky. She sounded cranky. The woman beside me said “I hope I don’t get her.” She didn’t. I did. Bitch versus bitch. One cancels the other out.

So I said “what’s going on? You seemed pissed.” Now, if you know me this straight up talk with a stranger is not surprising. The woman said “you’re the first person who has cared enough to ask.” I pointed no one with any sense prods a tiger in a cage…unless it’s me…and also that she had a really sharp needle and my arm in her keeping and I felt I had the right to ask her what the hell was up. Do you know what the problem was? She sprayed hairspray in her eye before work and she was in pain. I could see her eye was pretty red and sore looking. I mentioned it was an excellent time to be involved in the task of finding and skewering veins. She said ‘I just stab and hope for the best.’ I got a lollipop because I ‘cared enough to ask’. She added she planned on scaring everyone for the rest of the day until her eye got better. I said mention the ‘stab and hope for the best’ thing as it was most excellent and scary.

My point? Why don’t we just stop and ask people what’s wrong if there appears to be a problem? Or is it we don’t give a crap about anyone else? There is usually a simple answer to everything and occasionally we have to step outside the square and ask.
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Sandra Cox said...

Good for you!
Well written as always.