Sunday, 29 May 2011

A day in the life..

So, I have one of those annoying sneezy colds that make you want to shove tissues up your nose to plug it up from running. Anyway, undaunted and a woman on a mission I went to the local humongous hardware store in search of paving blocks. I wanted twenty. When I stood before the black ones I wanted, sneezing all over them – almost like marking my territory – I decided I would get ten. Although I’m normally a freaking Wonder Woman, I decided 20 in a trolley would be impossible cause they were heavy as all get out. So I got 9 in – and the last one? I dropped. Now these suckers are concrete and when the hit concrete they break...a lot…It’s one of those moments in your life where you either – A- report what you have done and pay the consequences or B – look innocent and grab another block as you kick the remnants under the shelf. I went for door number B because I figured as I had a cold, I was suffering enough and my actions were justified.

When I got home I dragged 9 of the 10 out of Patrick, my long suffering car, and shoved them where I wanted a path. The 10th one, in an almost karmic moment, I dropped. It smashed. I swore a good deal in between sneezes. But on the bright side, I really only needed 9 black ones and now all I have to do is get 9 red ones. There’s always a reason to everything.


anny cook said...

Only you...

Sandra Cox said...

Ooh black and red sounds cool.
Hope your cold is better.