Wednesday, 11 May 2011

No, really, you're lopsided...

Okay, so I went and got a haircut. I should point out I had not got around to having one for six months and my resemblance to Cousin It was remarkable. So I went. Now, I have straight, boring brown hair that rests on my shoulders in a bob. It’s weirdly wavy at the back which makes no sense whatsoever and it also makes hairdressers say the same thing every time – “Your hair would be really curly if you had it cut short.” No. Incorrect.

Anyway so I went a training college to have it done because it was cheaper and I’m a great believer in people needing experience and how much can you bugger up straight hair? The answer? A bloody lot as I found out today. Apparently after much cutting the reason it was lopsided – longer one side than the other – was because I was sitting with my legs crossed. That’s what the head trainer said. Now, I was very patient up until this point but my answer to this was ‘Bollocks.’ When I uncrossed them it was still lopsided.

Will I go again? No. I like someone who purports to being charge to actually know something. And blaming the customer? Did I mention bollocks?


anny cook said...

Oh, heck no! The supervisor should have straightened it out! Forget that.