Friday, 27 May 2011

Raw need…

Raw Amarinda Jones

Possibly the most “shocking” story in the collection, this story incorporates the main female character with up to five men. There is plenty of violence as well as oral sex, sex in public, and plenty of voyeurism. There is also one scene that includes some M/M interaction. This story has lots of sex and lets the reader know how Poppy is feeling when faced with the multiple sexual opportunities she is given. Not for the faint of heart, but worth reading at least once.

I got this review through my inbox. My story was one of several in an anthology called Indecent Encounters. Buy it here ~ from Evernight Publishing. I like the review. It was honest, straightforward and non gushy. The reviewer pegged my story exactly right. It was all that. Indecent. Out there. Raw.

So, what is it women want in a story? At the moment, it seems to be multiple men. Why is that? Ménage is selling like wildfire. Is the romance of one partner not enough? Why are wild, off, the wall anthologies like Indecent Encounters even made and why are they so popular especially in a world where the majority of people – no, it may not be you – are very careful about sex and crave the deep commitment of one person who really understands them and if sex was taken out of the relationship it would still endure because that deep love it there. Or are we just wanting to bust loose and get down and dirty with a bunch of men for a wild ride? Is the only way to give into this raw need by reading dirty, scandalous books?

I tend to believe we like to have our careful vanilla worlds jolted every so often with the extreme. I’m just not sure why in the majority of ménage books it always seems to be 4 men and one woman…why 4? One was for morning, lunchtime, afternoon and maybe one for a midnight snack?


Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Books sounds exciting. BTW I would love a man for all my meals!