Thursday, 12 May 2011

A shameless Aussie moment...

Aussie writer - Angela Castle - check her out. Why? Well, because she's an Aussie and we're all amazing...

Dangerous Moonlight ~ Angela Castle

Excerpt ~ beware there is thrusting...

“Aaaaahhhhhh. Oh God that feels good! Don’t stop!”
If Neman had a choice, he never would. He slammed his thick cock into the woman’s willing body over and over. At no time in all his existence had a woman felt so good around him. Every lush, pale curve, every dip and hollow of her body was a potent aphrodisiac that even the gods themselves could not duplicate. Bending down, taking a full, dusty pink nipple into his mouth, he sucked in time with his fierce thrusts. She curled her legs around him and tilted her hips to take more of him. Neman responded by pushing her legs higher, angling his hips to hit home deeper within her.
It wasn’t like Neman to take advantage of an intoxicated potential victim of a Gorlon Kat demon—so what the hell was wrong with him for doing just that? And why, in all his existence, did it feel so right…?

Fifteen minutes earlier…

Neman thought her totally mad when he found her in the alleyway, trying to befriend the creature from the Lower Realms. It was stalking toward her; its red glowing eyes would have alerted any sane person to the fact that this was not an alley cat. With a distorted black body twisting on its four deadly claws, its thickly muscled form was like that of a large jaguar.
“Heeerrre kitty, kitty, come to Mummy."
Her slurred words alerted him to her drunken state. He had been tracking this demon across several different continents after it had viciously killed a string of middle-aged women. Neman jumped from the roof of the tavern building—a two-story drop—and landed directly in the demon's path, drawing his lightweight, custom-made scimitar.
“Crikey, it’s raining men!” the woman said from behind him.
Neman didn’t have time to deal with her; he never took his eyes off the demon. It hissed, turned its back on him, crouched low and then leapt up over the tavern wall. Neman was about to give chase when the woman stepped up behind him, grabbing onto the sleeve of his long black leather coat.
“Where’d my kitty go? You scared him away!”
Her intoxicating vanilla and strawberry scent hit him, stunning him. As Neman turned towards her, she stumbled and he caught her with one arm. Like dragon’s fire the heat of her body pressed against his, sending a shock through his system.
The wavy-haired, lushly curved brunette was certainly not the prettiest or thinnest woman he’d ever beheld, yet she had eyes like the first morning sky, pale blue, with a smattering of freckles across a pert little nose and deep, pouty pink lips.
“You!” As she poked a pale pink-painted fingernail into his chest, her other hand found his cock through his expensive black tailored leather pants. She squeezed and almost had him coming on the spot. “You are going to turn my night from the worst one of my life into the best.”
“How do you wish me to do that, my lady?” Purring like a man who’d just discovered the greatest treasure under the heavens, Neman allowed his hands to roam down her perfectly sized back to a heart-shaped ass any man would die happy to pound into. Neman was having a good mind to do just that.
She looked very serious as she said, “I want to be fucked until I can’t walk, talk or do anything at all. Got a problem with that?”
Neman sheathed his sword and swung her up in his arms. “Not at all, sweetness—I do like a woman who knows what she wants.”