Thursday, 19 May 2011

Liar, liar pants on fire…

The most asked question of me as a writer? What is my inspiration? Finding myself alive every morning. Do I suffer for my art? Oh, fuck no. Do I have a muse? Oh, double fuck no. Actually the most asked question is from others writers and it’s about publishers paying royalties on time and did I get my payment because they didn’t.

E-book publishers? I reckon probably 2 out of 5 you can trust. Generally, from my experience they’re a dodgy bunch who rob Peter to pay Paul in an effort to tide themselves over to the next month and they blithely think the author won’t notice any slipshod behaviour because the author is so grateful to be published. Bollocks. Like anyone who works for a living a writer expects to be paid on time and the correct amount. That ain’t got nothing to do with gratitude especially in a market where many e-book publishing houses are going hungry for new releases because they have a bad name.

Now to me, alienating writers due to sloppy or non existent royalty payments begs the question – how do you run a successful business if you treat the merchandise and suppliers like crap? Answer is - you don’t. There are a lot of publishers who trade on past glory with very little stock. The solution? Pay your writers on time and the right amount or expect a revolt. It’s not rocket science.


Spookie said...

No, it's not rocket science. I received an email tonight with an excuse why royalties will be late . . . again. I think somebody needs to educate these people of the value of backup personnel and redundant systems.

There is no excuse for late royalty payments. NONE. NONE.

Word of advise to the many authors who have/are contemplating becoming publishers. PAY YOUR AUTHORS. ON TIME. EVERY MONTH.

Sandra Cox said...

Its a huge problem. I don't submit anymore without talking to current authors with the pubs first.