Friday, 6 May 2011

Ignorance is piss…

Recently a good friend told me that she was treated like crap by a professional woman while attending a business function. The professional woman who is higher up the corporate food chain and was used to treating those below her like crap kept calling my friend by her incorrect name. Constantly. You know the type of person – they do that to belittle, bully and make others feel inferior. My friend is a nice, even tempered soul who harms no one and frankly is not a threat yet she was subjected to this harassment because this bitch sensed an easy non-combatant target and decided to wound with her ignorance. I get that this corporate cow basically has no manners, class and somewhere buried deep in her psyche she is an insecure sod who gets some sort of strength by bullying others. Ask her about the misuse of names and she’ll say she ‘is terrible with names’ Me too. I take every chance I get to do the same to her and drive her crazy by other means. Childish? Maybe but fuck her I say. Don’t piss around with my friends.