Monday, 13 February 2012


I was reading someone’s profile page on facebook and it said, amongst the languages they spoke, they had the ability to speak ‘American English.’ I found that interesting. English, other than the odd vowels that some countries add or remove, is English. Despite the drawl or the twang, it’s still English. I’m an Aussie. I wouldn’t call it Australian English. Yes, we have our own form of slang that many can’t understand and we have a lovely, distinctive way of speaking but we still speak English. I find it interesting, in a world that while coming together faster and faster through distance and technology, we have people who hold fast to ideas like ‘American English’. Is it then separated into states and provinces?

Yes, keep your own culture and beliefs. They’re important, but if a large percent of the world’s population speak the same language labelling
it as being something that it’s not makes me wonder at the thoughts, beliefs and actions of the labeller.