Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Not liking Stevie...

When I was a kid, The Mary Tyler Moore show used to be on TV. She was the preppy woman who was always perky and pretty and tried to do everything right. Even as a kid I knew that was wrong. I liked her neighbour Rhoda - different, mouthy and streetwise.

Anyway, a situation came up yesterday that reminded me of that TV show. I can’t remember the story in full but Mary had to deal with this kid called Stevie whom everyone liked and thought adorable. She didn’t and that was hard for a good girl who wanted to do everything right and upset no one. In the end, she had to break down and admit out loud that despite everyone else liking this ratshit kid, she didn’t. It was a bold move for Mary.

Here’s what I think – to hell with being politically correct and worrying about what others think. If you don’t agree with something, say it. Nothing ever gets changed until you do. If you don’t like someone forced upon you as someone you must like? Say “I don’t like Stevie” and don’t compromise your comfort for another’s.

Me? I spoke those immortal words and shocked quite a few. As for that '
Stevie'? He shut up and sat down.


anny cook said...

Naturally! I remember that show...She used to annoy me, even though she was "good".

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Well said!

Sandra Cox said...

Never really got into the Mary Tyler Moore show.