Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just you?

I took some time off and shot up to Port Douglas – 50 mins from home – and did an overnighter. I just needed a moment away from stuff so I had time to think and not do. I got an excellent local’s rate at one of the resorts.The beach was fab but it is FNQ (Far North Queensland) and everything is always good in FNQ. I did get a couple of swims in before the beaches were closed due to stingers and I sat and stared at the waves for a long time and thought about stuff. Waves - amazing, life changing and restorative things.

A few of thoughts...

1. I loathe plastic key cards. I like real keys that have substance. See pic. My keys versus pissy hotel card. Rarely do I lose real keys. Plastic ones disappear the minute they hit my handbag.

2. Why are they going with those dispensers now in all the hotels? How am I supposed to get supplies for the gym? Where have all the freebies gone? Long time passing?

3. I wonder at people who cannot fathom why anyone travels alone. I do. I like it. I adhere to the 'she who travels fastest, travels alone' policy. Is it just you staying? Dining? Swimming? Standing on my head? Chanting a Himalayan pop song from the balcony of my room? Yes. It is. And I am not 'just’ anyone. I swear, we accept gay and lesbians more than we accept sole travellers. People are different. Not everyone needs to have their hand held.

In conclusion, I know the following – I'm pretty damn good as I am. And just me? Yeah and get over it.


anny cook said...

I love traveling alone though I don't do it very often... So glad you had a good time!

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I love to travel alone! Love it!