Friday, 17 February 2012

Benefits of Friday…

- It’s good for your skin as you can relax because it’s almost the weekend.
- No boot camp on Saturday – well, there probably is but not for me.
- You don’t have to work hard because it would be wrong to sprain anything before the weekend.
- Calories don’t count on a Friday because it’s all to do with mathematics, happiness and something else vitally scientific that makes
calories rendered useless.
- World peace is doable on a Friday and would be but for the fact world leaders are not genetically human and don’t understand Fridays therefore rendering world peace useless.
- You dislike less people on Friday because it’s Friday.
- If they made a calendar of just Fridays people would actually never be sick.
- Stupid policies don’t count. They’re filed in ‘b’ for bin.
- Everyone is beautiful on a Friday – probably why there are so many hook ups.
- The time space continuum means Fridays do go slower when anticipation is higher therefore it’s best to feign boredom to confuse the time space continuum thing.
- Lastly – say what you like on a Friday. Dare all. Be all.


anny cook said...

I always wondered about that space time continuum thingy...