Sunday, 27 September 2009

Black rose tattoo….

…so I got my black rose tattoo today. I sat in my purple bra, cleavage busting forth and got my shoulder inked. I love the tattoo. Jason did a fabulous job with what half arsed info I gave him. I said I want this and that…maybe some swirly things and a kick arse rose and he made an excellent drawing of exactly what I wanted. I love it when people get you straight away – that you don’t have to pull out the sock puppets or do an interpretative dance for them to understand what you want. That’s so refreshing. Few people are so in tune with our own individual needs that it astounds me every time I meet someone simpatico. I was happy for him to take a picture of the tatt. He did an excellent job. Thank you Jason.

The gentlemen at tattoo parlour brought up something that had never occurred to me. As writers we always get pissed when an arsehole e-book pirate – no apologies – they are – takes one of our books – overriding legal copyright and illegally sells our product to make a profit for themselves. Utter wankers. What about tattoo designs? Think about the effort that goes into drawing these tattoos. I’m not talking about the old ‘mother’ and ‘anchor’ tattoos. There are people walking around with some amazing and beautiful tattoos on them. What if they take a photo of them and it ends up on the internet? What if a tattoo site offering cheap downloads pinches the design of a tattoo artist and on sells it for their own profit? It’s bloody wrong. Can a tattoo be copyrighted and policed? How hard would that be? What the hell is it with uninteresting, lazy, non-inventive, untalented people who believe they have the right to steal? Why exactly are these predators on the planet?

Tattoos – I love ‘em but think before you ink. You will have it forever.
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Anny Cook said...

Yes, I believe there's a place for everything--including tattoos. Not necessarily on me, though.

Sandra Cox said...

Its amazing. Theft in every area of our lives.

Tattoo said...

Rose tattoo is the balance between softness and boldness as when any kind of nihilist desire is born to step aside. The dark beauty lies within this momentary black rose tattoo to set a pure trust to feel the new look towards life.

ADmin said...

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