Sunday, 20 September 2009

Man platters…

This is what I believe should happen - men should be offered to women in small portions on platters…you know like the ones in the deli that people invite you to sample from…and then you pick and chose bits and pieces to make up the best man for you. A bit of pastrami, a piece of cheddar, a kalamata olive or two, maybe a bit of sushi or a couple of banana prawns(shrimp) to chew on as you continue your selection from the man platter.

What am I on about? Well, I was talking to a couple of men today – both completely different in style and character – and I thought to myself ‘If I only could merge these two men together with another I know and this man would be doable for me.’

Man A was so nice – I mean really nice in that kind, gentle way. He cared deeply about others. He looked at me when I spoke and his eyes told me he was interested in everything I said. He also complimented the way I looked in a way that was so genuine and without guile that I had to stare hard at him for several seconds before I realized he meant it. What’s wrong with him then? Well, I’ll be honest, I was worried he was a little too nice especially when I came to Man B.

Man B was just that – all man - rough charm and roguish humour and when he looked at me I swore the elastic in my knickers broke in anticipation. He’s the sort that made me blush and it takes a lot for that to happen. Man B is funny yet tough as nails. You know he would kick a door down, without blinking, to get what he wanted. He’s also the sort of man you just know would be one hell of a ride but then what? The feeling I got was no stability. Do I want stability? Maybe…not sure…hence the platter.

There should be a man deli. I’m not talking about a meat market where men line up and you take a ride. I’m talking about a shop where you can pick and chose from a selection of platters the attributes you want in a man, then they create the man for you and you take him away with the proviso you can return him in 30 day as long as you have your receipt. I think it’s a good idea. Why settle for almost okay when you can sample what’s offer without obligation or heartache?

No, I’m not saying women are perfect…we’re damn close to it though.
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Anny Cook said...

What a wonderful idea!