Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cut, hack, slash...

I’ve been working really hard to get over an addiction. It’s not booze or drugs – it’s a person. It’s a man. He worked his way into my mind and heart so deeply that it scares me that I could be that stupid to have been suckered into falling for him in the first place. But that’s addictions for you. Have ‘sucker’ written on your forehead and an addiction latches on and it’s hard to shake.

I was reading my stars in the newspaper on Sunday and they said “to cut the person loose who is no good for you.” I agree so I’m hacking and cutting and slashing.

Addictions are a weakness. Everyone has one and no one is less of a person for succumbing, no matter how stupid they feel. We’re all dumb at some stage of our life…of course I never thought I would be quite this dumb but there it is. I am or I was – I am working hard to move on. Cut, hack, slash.

The problem with some addictions, you can’t remain friends with them. An alcoholic cannot have a casual sip and a junkie cannot have the odd hit. It’s the same with people addictions. Cut, hack, slash – move on.

To my addiction – stop it. We can’t be friends.
Cut, hack, slash.
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Ashley Ladd said...


It's okay to love someone, so I presume there are other drawbacks to a possible relationship with him and you're not merely scared of loving him.