Sunday, 6 September 2009

I love you...for sex....

'Just been going through my interview notes with various people. A while ago I was doing some research for a book and I came across a player. What’s a player? Basically they are men who use charm to feed on the needs and emotions of a woman in order to get her into bed. They ‘love’ women but I don’t believe they ‘like’ them enough to be honest. The good ones rarely make apologies for it because they see it as part of the ‘game’ or the ‘chase.’ Are they bad people? No. I believe they are lonely people who have no idea what they want out of life and they need the notches recorded on the bedpost to justify who they are in life. Kind of sad really.

The interview....

1. Is the profiling thing when you first meet a woman to learn about her quickly and to target those things that are useful to get her into bed quickly?

In some instances the profiling thing works well in my favour to find out things that may be of some interest and advantageous in the chase. In any other situation it's nice to know things about people just to be friends with them.

2. Is there a time limit from meeting to sex that a player sets?

All things are useful in time. It may take 20 minutes or it may take 5 years of constant work.

3. Has a woman ever worked it out and said bugger off?

Not many

4. Is it always successful?


5. Do you think women subconsciously like players? That it makes them feel more attractive that a player targets them

Women ( and men ) like to feel attractive to the opposite sex. As previously said - attraction is not always about the face and body and I can be very attracted to someone's mind and personality. The need to feel wanted is strong in both sexes and if a woman ( or man ) is not currently in that situation then 'being there' can always be advantageous. Particularly if you have 'been there' to listen and talk to for some time.

6. Is it an embuggerance when a woman falls in love with a player? How quickly can you extract yourself from that situation?

Extraction??? Do I always want to be extracted? Sometimes it's just what I wanted to happen. I did have a friend who became overly attached to me - more than I reckoned - but I was the crutch that she needed at the time just to get through all the other shit that was happening to her at the time. Who knows?

7. Does a player get pissed off when a woman says no or is that just part of ‘the job’?

Ever heard of a dog chasing a car? Sometimes the chase occurs with no result - but I do find extreme pleasure in just having met someone and getting to know them and sharing things etc.

How do you recognize a player? It’s that old adage of if it sounds too good to be true then it is.

****On a lighter note…this made me laugh my arse off…apparently Amarinda Jones is shagging Snape...who told? Thanks mate -
Be an Amarinda book


Ashley Ladd said...

So, did you find this at fanfiction? Or was this an interview with the gigolo you hired? Have you hired him yet?

I've never heard of "embuggerance".

Amarinda Jones said...

No - this is a real man that I know. You know us writers Ashley, we like to ask questions. I have stacks of interviews like this. I do 'em for the books I am writing to get a different male perspective.

"Embuggerance" - Aussie word for annoyance

Sandra Cox said...

Sounds very Byronish.