Monday, 7 September 2009

Man versus erotica….

I thought I would delve once more into my interview files as I got a lot of emails about the blog on players yesterday. I was sadly surprised how many women had been played thinking they were getting the whole happily ever after deal. Men – strange yet fascinating creatures…

So why do men think women read erotica?

I think that women read erotica because they are in control of the situation when they are reading it. I suppose that when it comes down to the practicality of it they can quite readily lose control of the situation if they are speaking to a man like that. If it were you saying that to a man who was lying on the bed I would venture that that would stimulate him more and potentially leave you in an extremely vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation. Reading accomplishes the titillation aspect without the presence of a man. Well structured erotica will not get them raped at that time.

What can't men give women?
SOME men are unable to excite a woman with just words and rely on a kiss on the lips, three on the neck, a quick lick of the nipple, a squeeze on the breast and then go for it style of foreplay. Those that know how successful the foreplay can be when structured correctly are more likely to be invited back for a continuance. The romance factor shouldn't be underplayed.

Are women being realistic?

Women aren't being unrealistic. Perhaps they are collectively saying that these enlightened times should provide more mental satisfaction for them as opposed to the physical satisfaction demanded by the male – and fair enough.

Should women just take what they want?

I really enjoy it when I am 'taken' by a woman who is just horny and wants a root* - nothing else. It’s somewhat satisfying. Interestingly it opens a view as to what the woman may feel like if the roles were reversed and she is just used for the physical satisfaction of the male. It's an interesting paradox / quandary. Not many men would say “no, stop.” But it takes a strong man to NOT take control of the situation and just let the woman go for it.

Interesting quote… “
But it takes a strong man to NOT take control of the situation and just let the woman go for it.”

*root = slang word for sex.
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Ashley Ladd said...

I never thought of this so deeply. I just love romance and sex. What can I say?