Saturday, 5 September 2009

I’m much worse off than you….

There was a major spak out at work today. Spak out = it’s when people get hysterically angry – and in this case about nothing. We got a new phone system installed and it was like people felt they were being asked to fly the space shuttle blindfolded with a spoon shoved up their arse. It’s a phone, people. You pick it up when it rings. You dial ‘0’ to get out. Get a frigging grip.

The major problem was that everyone felt they were ‘more busy than everyone else’ to deal with a new phone system. Like the Monty Python skit above, everyone’s reasons kept get more and more dramatic by the second. Of course they were all talking bollocks. Have you ever noticed how people will always try to one up another in the hardship stakes? I have to ask why? Do they get something out of it? Is it pity people are after? Or are some people too pigging lazy to do stuff therefore they need an excuse? Well, if that’s the case I say try and make up a better one as the reasons for being the most hard done by in the office were a load of piss weak excuses.

Where have all the tough people gone who could deal with ‘terrible’ things like new phones? Are we, as a world becoming weaker and more whiny or as it a case the whiny have always been amongst us? In reality when you look at the crapfests some people deal with – gender inequality, extreme poverty, sexual abuse, child abuse – I think a lot of us are doing pretty damn good and if a phone can upset us then maybe a good dose of walking in someone else’s shoes would work.
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Ashley Ladd said...

Sounds like my office sometimes. Maybe that's just the way offices are all over the world.

Anny Cook said...

Heh. Yeah, I remember when we got our new phone system... They'll get over it!

Sandra Cox said...

I sometimes wonder if we let the little things upset us, because the large problems are more than our minds can deal with, so we focus on the annoyances.