Friday, 4 September 2009

Green – it’s bloody everywhere…

- grass is green – and when I say ‘grass’ I mean lawn and not marijuana ‘cause it’s not always green…I think it depends on supplier.
- frogs are green – okay – not always – the ones in my garden are but that’s Brisbane and they’re probably a different colour elsewhere
- slime is green – slime is not good. Actually I think kryptonite is green too but I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. Superman would probably have issues with it. If you are reading this Superman please advise on colour and goodness factor.
- I often wear emerald nail polish because it goes nicely with black and it freaks people out.
- The army wears green. As an ex-army brat I do know, on an army base, if you stand still too long you will be painted green. Moral of the story? Keep moving on an army base.
- Four leaf clovers are green. I bought a dodgy (fake) one when I was in Ireland years ago. I expect one day it will be lucky…or not.
- Leprechauns are usually dressed in green…I’m not sure if they prefer that colour or if it’s a stereotypical, racially based generalization. Maybe they’re sick of green. Maybe they would prefer to wear puce.
- Emeralds – unlucky for some – are green. I’ll take my chances.
- Pickles are green – I know this as when I worked at Maccas (McDonalds) as a teenager – people would pull them off the burger and stick ‘em on the fake forest scene on the wall. They’re hard to see stuck on fake trees.
- Apples can be green though to be honest I prefer red apples.
- Some snakes are green but who cares ‘cause snakes are pukeable.
- My environmental bags, which I keep forgetting to take when I grocery shopping, are green.
- My wheely bin (trash can) is green. The other one for recyclables is yellow – yeah, I know – who cares.

So green – it’s all around us. Why? Stuffed if I know. It just is. Why the green thing? I said I would….so why not?
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Anny Cook said...

My hair brush is green, some beads are green, and the leaves on the trees outside my window are green (for now...soon they'll be other colors). Oh yeah, my SUV is sort of a six green...not the pretty color on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Green is good. Green frogs are good. Green nailpolish is excellent.

Sandra Cox said...

Yes, Helen was bound to like this one:)

Jade is green.

Ashley Ladd said...

Green is my younger daughter's favorite color. I haven't liked it too much since I was in the Air Force and my fatigues were a puky green.

Some of the frogs in South Florida are brown.

I like yellow and red apples. Green apples are too sour for me. But they're my youngest's and oldest's favorite kind.

I like spinach and green beans. I like pickles and avocados.

Hardly any of my clothes are green, but the earrings I'm wearing at the moment have a lime green disc in the middle. It's okay as an accent to all black - like you said.

Oh! I have green eyes. I happen to like those.

What's with the green stuff today?

Ashley Ladd said...

Oh! The first car I ever bought was a forest green Camaro. I loved that car.

Now that I'm not forced to wear fatigues, I like to. Go figure. But sometimes I wear the pink ones more than green ones.

Jade and emeralds are pretty, too. Unfortunately, I don't own any.

Amarinda Jones said...

Because I can