Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Most confusing grasshopper…

…I have no idea what happened yesterday at work…it was the most frustrating day and I think it’s all my fault. I believe I was speaking in another language and understandably people reacted accordingly. For instance I said things like, “how much did you bank today” and the response was something like “antelopes chewed on my petunias while I ate crumpets for tea.” Or I said “put it down there please” and the comeback was given “never wear a watermelon as a hat or your feet will swell.” Riiight…okay…or at least that’s what it sounded like to me and no, I wasn’t on drugs but maybe I should have been. I did escape to the cafĂ© several times for coffee and at one stage when I went to the bank on company business I was tempted to stay there for the rest of the day as it was so peaceful. It would have been okay too as I’m mates with the tellers and they wouldn’t have ratted me out. At the end of the day I walked to Patrick, my car, got inside, locked the door and sped the hell out of the car park.

Sigh…I have to go back to work today…they’re all mad there I tell you…quite mad.
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Sandra Cox said...

I trust today is calmer.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, that's the kind of stuff I hear way too much. But in my case, I'm sure it's MY poor hearing. People give me weird looks and I know I responded totally inappropriately AGAIN. Sometimes I realize what they said made about as much sense as wearing a watermelon hat and then I'll ask them to repeat - until I get tired of asking or I see they're getting annoyed. I guess that's why I prefer the written word - except now my eyesight's going downhill, too. Ugh!