Thursday, 3 December 2009


It was month end at work today. What that means is everyone runs around trying to get figures together in order to balance the books. There’s pathos, hysteria and drama as people shriek ‘will it balance?’ Anxious looks are shared…I, personally, was just worried about the coffee van coming on time – I let others worry about the boring adding up stuff. I did my bit towards that. I needed coffee more than correct figures for god sake. The good news is the coffee van came – and oh yeah, the books balanced. Duh, the always do. The coffee van is less reliable as you never know if another workplace will hold them up with their unreasonable demands for coffee. How rude.

After this non-action packed day, I went and got another lot of piercings in my ears. I went for emerald green studs. Why? I have green in my eyes and green always looks good on Kermit – that’s reason enough. I discussed where and who pierced what with the piercing person – I’m not sure of their actual title - Piercest? Pierceologist? Anyway she said ‘oh hell no – I don’t pierce boobs or genitals.’ Well, I had to ask, that’s who I am. She said doing those areas would be icky. I had to agree on the icky factor. People should keep their bits and pieces private and away from needles…but that’s just my opinion. She said she watched a woman having her nipples pierced once and they used this long needle and…god, it pains me just to remember what she said. Why would you do that to your boobs? Aren’t they annoying enough as it is without metal implements attached?
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Sandra Cox said...

Glad you got your coffee. And even though I have personal issues with the Noah's arc thing--why wipe out innocent children and animals--I love the picture. What a hoot.