Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Secret Santa Clause…

….once again I have to wonder about the whole Secret Santa deal. If you have no idea what it is – lucky you – it’s when the office staff place names in a hat and then the names are drawn out at random and you buy for the person you randomly pick. Easy huh? Hell no. What it means is that those who randomly chose then spend the rest of the day trying to swap names as they don’t like X or Y. Ah – the spirit of Xmas. Hate someone? Get them in a Secret Santa? Negotiate all day to get rid of them until you get the name you want. Lovely. Peace in Earth and goodwill to all.

I went to have a check up on my last tatt. It needs a slight touch up so I booked that in. They told me they put a pic of it on their website – bizarro world – click
here to take a squiz.
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