Sunday, 13 June 2010

Comma splice - que?

Well, it appears I have been comma splicing all over the place for years and I’ve been getting away with it. I always thought a splice was either one of two things. See picture – that’s a mango passion Splice sold in Australia. Yum. The other splice I know of is learning how to splice film, years ago at uni. But comma splice? What the?

A comma splice in this case is to do with editing. A learned colleague reported thusly…I like the word thusly. We don’t use it enough…anyway–

“…it’s when two clauses are joined together only with a comma, not linked properly with a conjunction… purists don’t like it…”

Okay – they only thing I got out of that was “purists don’t like it…” So, thusly as I’m not pure I feel the whole comma splice thing thusly applies only to the pure. Problem solved. See how easy editing can be when you use logic like that.

Thusly yours…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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