Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sure he loves you...

I was reading a news item about this female psychologist who fell in love with an inmate at the jail she worked in.

"…This inmate is highly manipulative and develops a somewhat false charm that these psychologists, of all people, fall for…”

Well, yeah…I would expect you’re not going to meet ‘the one’ in a jail and anyone who started sucking up to you would probably have a motive especially if they were doing a long haul for violent crime. I also have to wonder about trained professionals being so unprofessional not to recognize being snowed. Would you want someone like that wanting to ‘help’ you with your problems when they have their own issues?

Do I think people can fall in love visiting a jail? No. It’s probably equivalent to be being drunk as a skunk at closing time and cracking onto the second last person about to be thrown out of the bar. Do I think you can fall in love writing penpal letters to a prisoner? No again. I believe lonely people think they are in love and that they can ‘change’ the violent prisoner by their love. Yes, people do the crime and time thing and people can change but wait until they get outside into the real world and then see how much they love you.

Amarinda Jones
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