Monday, 31 May 2010

Writers don't edit...

"Writers don't edit. They try to re-write." ~ Anny Cook -

Right, I don’t give a crap who disagrees with this….but every time I get an editor who is also I writer I know its going to be a pukeable experience. Why? See Anny’s quote. They try to re-write your story. It’s my story. Not yours – bugger off. I don’t even know how another writer can be objective. And what experience do these writer-editors have other than they read a book on editing once? Do I need an editor? Hell yes – but I want a professional who actually knows what the hell they are doing. I want a professional who understands grammar and the need to keep a writer’s voice intact. I want someone I can have faith in. I don’t want to sit and continuously click ‘reject deletion’ to get my words and thoughts back. Writer-editors…publishing gone mad or more a sign of the times when companies cut costs and settle for less in their staff?

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Valerie Mann said...

Absolutely, positively true! I had my first experience with a writer editing one of my books(I was horrified when she started changing my dialogue...uh no), it was a horrible experience that resulted in me voiding my contract and running for the hills. Great blog!

Sandra Cox said...

I've had it both ways. One of the worst experiences of my writing career was from a writer/editor. On the flip side one of my best experiences has been with a writer/editor. She bends over backwards not to rewrite, just to edit.