Friday, 28 May 2010

Say NO to female genital mutilation

Doctors consider 'less severe' female circumcision - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Wrong, wrong, wrong - cutting into someone for some half arsed reason - religion or otherwise - is wrong and I don't care what other countries are 'thinking' of doing this. We need and must say NO to it in Australia. It's against all principles of human rights and equality. It makes me so so angry...say NO to female genital mutilation

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Nichelle Gregory said...

This is soooo wrong and every time I read a report on this subject, I'm saddened that people believe they have to do certain things to their bodies in the name of religion/tradition or whatever is the case. What's worse are the girls who have no choice in the matter and are forced to have this procedure done regardless of their own wishes.

Unknown said...

It's so sick and disgusting that anyone would harm, much less mutilate, another person. We need to stand up to people like this.