Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beware of the bouncing people....

I made an appointment to get my hair done after work. Like a lot of women, I hadn’t had time to stop for a couple of hours to get it done. So, I rang and got a quote and as Maverick would say - to the point of driving me freaking insane, I might add - ‘it’s all good.’ I rocked up and sat down and suddenly found out the quote I got was a load of crap. The hairdresser bounced over to me – I say ‘bounced’ as she looked high. The whole illegal substance thing didn’t bother me as much as the fact that her own hair look crap. That bothered me. She then explained that the price I was given didn’t cover all the other extras. Uh huh…what extras? She then proceeded to rattle off an amazing amount of bullshit that made no sense what so ever. I told her that. She stopped bouncing. I also pointed out that you cannot bullshit a bullshitter – an old Jones family saying – no, not original but we would all declare it was. Anyway the now non-bouncing hairdresser hesitated for a second and then said ‘so are we going ahead with it?’ I said I wasn’t, as I pulled the covering cape off, but if she wanted to shaft herself at that price ‘please go ahead.’

I then wandered around to S & S Hair & Beauty, Stafford City, and spoke to Anthea. Now she is a hairdresser. ‘Told me what I wanted to know without all the fluffy bits designed to make me buy. Thank you Anthea. I’ll be back. What worries me is how many people get sucked into or intimidated into paying more than they planned to because some bouncy chick with ugly hair speaks crap and explains nothing. Exercise your right as a consumer and pay for what you want and if someone bounces – it’s a sign to move on.

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Sandra Cox said...

I thought you hated 'its all good'.