Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bark and bits…

Have you ever noticed that people who hang out in organic health food stores look either strung out and in need of a good steak or trendy and exceptionally rich and indulging in the latest expensive fad. There are no in-between run-off-the-mill people like myself. But, regardless of this, I wandered into this organic food store that I had been passing by for years without thinking about. Until today, I had no reason to go in as I enjoy chemicals, food colourings and basically anything that can kill you but leave a smile on your face.

Anyway, I had to go in for a reason. The store was quite fascinating. They sell all sorts of things that appear to be bark and twigs and what looks like mud bricks but is apparently carob…come on – carob is not chocolate I don’t care what anyone says. So, I picked up lots of things and read how healthy they are for you. That it itself had to give me some cleansing brownie points. I even scooped up some bits of bark and twigs, stuff made out of sea weed and something else that is probably an illegal substance, but looked fascinating, into environmentally recycled bags and wandered up to the counter, refraining from buying the organic purple hair dye. I then lined up behind some stringy looking dude who was probably very earthy and had his chi all aligned with his chakra. He had dairy products made from Himalayan yaks, the cheese of meditative goats from the Himalayan highlands and broccoli that was $5 over the price it would have been in a supermarket. Organic health food…it’s an expensive business lining up your chakra.

Amarinda Jones
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Rebecca Leigh said...

Just like Whole Foods here! I actually like to shop there, but it is hella expensive!! (I don't eat carob, whatever the heck that is). LOL.


Sandra Cox said...

I'm all for health food, but sadly it costs to be healthy.