Thursday, 20 May 2010

To the bank, Frank…

I went and discussed money with the bank today. A plan has been percolating in my mind since I hauled my arse up to tropical north Queensland in January. I call it my ‘get out of Dodge plan.’

Anyway, I had with me various bits of paper, the bank requested I bring, to prove I’m not a fly-by-night, flibberty-gibbert ne’re-do-well. Of course I would love to be all those things as in indicates no responsibility or ties – I suspect fly-by-night, flibberty-gibbert ne’re-do-wells have a bloody good time. However with papers in hand – hell, I’ve been banking at this bank conglomerate since I was 6 years old – even then I was a saver – I went and discussed money. I’m good with it. I understand it. As Grandma Elsie used to say ‘I can skin a flea and tan’s its hide.’ That’s not to say I’m mean with it but I think before I spend. Maybe it’s my Scottish heritage, maybe it’s the years of having very little or maybe it has something to do with Scarlett O’Hara speech about never being hungry again but I still retain the ability to skin a flea.

It was a good talk. I have the potential to enact a plan I’ve been thinking of and it’s not unrealistic. I always say it’s good to know that sometimes you don’t always completely suck.

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Sandra Cox said...

Oh this sounds exciting. Seriously.