Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Subtlety is not me…

I’m about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I often forget other people are not the same. Today I was grocery shopping after work and I was buying boring stuff like fruit and milk etc and I wandered into the bread section and I picked up a multi-grain loaf of ploughman’s bread. I’m not sure if that’s a universal bread type but if not it’s a crunchy hi-top loaf. Anyway, as I was selecting that, this man came up beside me and started asking me questions about the bread – ‘what’s a ploughman’s loaf? Is soy & Linseed bread good for you? You have the poppyseed one – is that tasty?’

Huh? What? Do I look like I work here? I was polite but after a long day at work discussing bread is not what I want to do. So, I told him to buy the white loaf – he looked like white bread – and wandered off. This older woman touched my arm as I passed her by – she was holding a family size block of chocolate which indicates great intelligence – and she said ‘he was trying to pick you up dear.’ Huh? What? I turned back and looked at him and he smiled and I thought a couple of things - firstly – you have to give a man kudos for having the guts to try and do that and secondly – I’m very thick when to comes to men and signs so unless a man is very direct with me I don’t pick up on it. Did I go back and discuss bread with him? No but I did go and buy a block of that chocolate though. You always know where you stand with chocolate.

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Sandra Cox said...

Someone hitting on you in the bread aisle huh? Well that's original. You hottie you.