Thursday, 27 May 2010

Rubber choices...

A man has been arrested in Australia for knowingly passing on the HIV virus to multiple sexual partners - and so he should have been arrested. In my view he has deliberately ruined women's lives for his own sexual gratification. I believe long handled, sharp bladed shears should be applied liberally to a certain part of his anatomy as a lesson. But that's me. I have my own idea of justice in things like this. They have been asking women who may have had sex with this man to come forward to be tested. Hmmm...while I absolutely agree condoms should be used for unprotected casual sex, clearly people still don't despite all the advertising. Look at these women - and, regardless what any of us believe, it’s their choice. You can’t make people do things unless you have a gun trained on them at the crucial moment…

This news story does interests me in the fact that some publishers lose the freaking plot if you write a romance/erotic romance book without condoms the minute there's an erection - unless a writer goes into a deep, usually convoluted reason why it is physiologically impossible for bodily fluids to pass from one character to another. Fair enough. That’s their call. But I ask this - if there are people having random non protected sex, and they read books, do you think they're going to take on board a long involved description on non possible body fluids swapping or give a crap that a writer has tried to write a condom putting on scene as hot and romantically as possible bearing in mind they’re dealing with a rubber tube? I think not. They’re still going to do what they’re gonna do. Do publishers have a moral obligation? Hmmmm…not sure on that. I do know none of us can pass judgment on another and just because you or I decree condoms must be in a book it doesn’t make it so in real life.

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Valerie Mann said...

I agree with you, it's very difficult to write a condom into a romantically-charged scene. On the other hand, I had an editor who had a rule that a condom was a must. So, I wrote it into one of my stories, tried to make it work. Then got a review where the reviewer said that the fact the man had a condom with him during in unexpected sexual encounter made him a man whore. You just can't win. Do you write it in or leave it out? Are you promoting irresponsibility or creating a speed bump in a fictional situation?

Unknown said...

There are a lot of sick people out there, people who care for no one but themself. I hope the authorities have been able to stop him. I pray for the women he's hurt.