Saturday, 1 May 2010

Drug running…

The Aussie government brought in a law today basically saying that medicine containing codeine could not longer be bought without a prescription. Now, yes, I believe regulation, up to a point is good, but I know, along with anyone with any life experience that the illicit can always be obtained. No, codeine makes me sick. I avoid it like the plague…actually that expression ‘avoid it like that plague’ always makes me wonder – what else would you do when it came to the plague? But I digress….so back to obtaining drugs – be they for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes, people are always going to be able to find them. A friend and I proved that today as we did a drug run trying to find a certain pill with codeine in it. Did we find it? Why yes, because I hate to be thwarted in anything. We found it online as I suspect some companies had maybe ‘forgotten’ to stop selling this drug (insert – wanted to cash in on desperate people making a last ditch attempt to buy it illegally). So much for governments bringing in new rules. People will break ‘em. That’s what we do. We’re bad buggers…and it was fun in a mission impossible kind of way.

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