Saturday, 15 May 2010

Baby its cold outside...

The last couple of mornings I have noticed something. Its cold outside and it’s surprised me. Yes, it’s almost winter in Australia. Yes, it does get cold. Yes, you would think I would factor that in when the chill hits me but that thing is I live in Brisbane. We’re a little odd here. Brizzie dwellers refuse to believe winter will come. Why? Because we want to believe it’s always sunny in Queensland - the sunshine state - and that winter is for everyone else. So as the first blasts of cold air hit us in the face we’re always surprised, bordering on refusing to believe or accept winter. We’ll moan and whine and generally crap on about how wrong it is to be cold and when spring warms us up we’ll forget all about the cold until next year when we’ll act surprised once more. As I said, we’re a little odd, a tad quirky but fantastic, occasionally delusional, people.

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Sandra Cox said...

Speaking of fantastic, how about that 16 year old Aussie that saled around the world by herself?