Sunday, 16 May 2010

One chance at life…

I went for a walk in the Lutwyche (Lut-witch) cemetery today. I had been wanting to go for ages but never got around to it. Why? I like cemeteries. I like the history, the emotion and the peaceful solitude of them. I like walking around the headstones reading about people’s lives, who they were related to, who they loved and what was important to them. There is the utter tragedy of those ‘killed by accident’ or in the stupidity of war. And then there are others, like the one simple stone plague I stopped before that was placed in the late 1800’s. The parents had emigrated out from Ireland and had lost three young children one after the other with none of them reaching 4 years of age. Think about it. You come to a new country for a fresh start and you’re eager for opportunities but blow after blow strikes you down as it testing who you are and what you want out of life. As terribly sad as that is, it was once more reinforced to me that you get only one shot at life and that accepting less or being beaten down by circumstances or others is wrong. I needed that lesson banged into me once. I’ve got one chance at this life and damn it I refuse to accept less.

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