Monday, 3 May 2010

I'll have the orgasm thanks...

Of late I’ve been noticing a huge change in the books that are getting contracted by publishers. I believe that’s a lot to do with writing some as Penn Halligan – my bad, bad, enjoyable self - and breaking away from tired publishing houses who are fixed to the point of rigidity in their thinking.

I find that erotica is wildly roaring ahead in popularity. Erotica is a story that has a plot but the reader is more interested in what happens to the heroine by who or what number of ‘who’s’ and how many times –and-OMG-is-that-even-possible-what-he’s- doing-to-her-and-can-we-try-that-tonight-if-I-can-get-enough-rope? It’s not about falling in love or looking for ‘the one’ or happy endings. It’s about sexual titillation, fulfillment and shock factor. I believe women have evolved enough to know that Prince Charming is not always going to rush in and save them and even if he does he may not give her the orgasm a bad boy can – or - she is ready to point out to the Prince that what’s on page 22 is not only legal but doable and he need to get with the program about what she needs.

Sex or romance? Or both? It’s about bloody time we had a choice when it came to books. We’re no longer inclined to lie back and think of England.

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