Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I don’t understand…

…I watched this woman, dressed in thick, woollen, winter clothing walk barefoot through a supermarket this arvo. Huh?

…why is it when you purposely stand aside, against an aisle to answer a phone call – the lovely Maverick - in a supermarket that people want to know what you’re blocking and try to see around you?

…why the ancient gas pilot light, that must be lit to heat the water at Chez Amarinda, always goes out in winter the minute I am standing cold and naked in the shower?

…what is it with possums using my storeroom as a mad run through? And why growl at me when I stomp down, half naked in the dark, to light the pilot light?

…what part of ‘shut up’ do possums not understand?

…how a man can get cranky when a woman cuts her hair. It’s her hair. Grown your own.

…do other people really believe that they’re more busy then anyone else? And why are they shocked when you tell ‘em they’re not Robinson Crusoe when it comes to busy?

…are men really dumb enough to think using piss weak sarcasm at me is really going to get them what they want?

…why suddenly everyone is using my local outside suburban pool – it’s winter for god sake and it’s MY pool…

It’s all a conundrum to me…

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Penn Halligan
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