Monday, 14 June 2010

Majestically Me…

A lot of working Aussies had the day off today due to it being the English Queen’s birthday. We have ties with Britain. I’m forever grateful two of my ancestors nicked stuff and got transported and the rest of them thought ‘bugger it, let’s pull up stakes and go down under’…though, being Highland Scots and wild Irish they probably didn’t say ‘bugger it’ but you get the drift.

Technically, QE2’s birthday is in April but it fits in with the Aussie lifestyle if we have it in June as the preceding months all have public holidays in them and we like to space ‘em out to get the most out of our time off. That’s right. We find the Queen of England useful when we want time off. Let’s face it, QE2 and her family is not useful for much else.

Correct. I’m a Republican. I’m also a socialist and the idea of calling another person ‘your majesty’ or ‘your highness’ is abhorrent to me. Are they up themselves or what? And look at her family will you? What an embarrassing mob of nongs. They’re no different to relations we all have –so, as my Grandma Elsie used to say “I have more right to be Queen than that woman does”…it’s a long story…and I say me too. If she’s a Queen then I’m a Queen and all women I know are Queens. If you need me to find a dumb, embarrassing relative to prove it then let me make a phone call – and hell yes I’m happy to majestically decree public holidays for all.

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