Saturday, 5 June 2010

Huh? What?

Okay…I don’t understand. Maybe it’s the tail end of the cold from hell or maybe I’m not smart enough to understand the logic of making a list on a book site with you named as the list owner, for all to see, and then proceeding to list all your books as number one sellers or best buys? Is that not a tad bleeding obvious? Example of a list I saw....

Mary Jane Fizgig-Smith – list owner. Her list of favourite books or best sellers –

1. Do that and I’ll Scream by Mary Jane Fizgig-Smith
2. Suck Off by Mary Jane Fizgig-Smith
3. Blow by Blow Me by Mary Jane Fizgig-Smith

So, one can surmise Mary Jane Fizgig-Smith, owner of the list, likes her books. That’s great but how realistic is this list? Doncha' want actual readers to tell you what they think? Isn't that logical? Tagging books on Amazon or wherever I understand. People pick up things by tags but a list of books you have written that you like? What do you get out of that especially when people like me go up and see who made the list? If you can explain it to me and so far no one can seem to please email me – address at the side.

Oh and yeah – those fantastic book titles – have copyright…never know when I may want to use ‘Suck off.’

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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