Thursday, 17 June 2010

North Americans won’t understand that phrase…

So, I have been doing lots of edits of late with lots of difference publishing companies. It’s been interesting, funny, frustrating and full of ‘what the’ moments. Why? Well, no editor edits the same.

Too many commas!

Not enough commas!

No exclamation marks!

You need exclamation marks!!!

Cut out all the ‘that’ words.

You need to add ‘that’ here and there and two lines down.

Sex? Is it necessary that she curls her hand around his dick?

Excellent use of dick.

North Americans won’t understand that phrase.

Europeans won’t understand that phrase.

Oh yeah, those in Upper Kumbucca West will love that phrase.

More italics.

Less italics.

More dashes —

Less dashes.

‘We follow the Lower Botswana method of editing.’
‘The fosby-flop school of editing is the best.’
‘Everyone knows the Swiss-Tibetan purple double dipped feather quill method is correct.’

No wonder writers, drink, swear, eat chocolate and are cranky bitches.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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