Thursday, 5 May 2011

Give me 60 blue pills, 40 pink....

I went to the doctor today for the first time since changing cities. I took all my old meds and prescriptions, explained the whole thyroid history etc. He just nodded and wrote me out new prescriptions for the same meds without questioning me further. So, I asked for two extra things – "I need my 6 monthly blood test to check my thyroid and I forgot my old prescription for morphine. Can you re-fill that please?" He looked at me then as I had his attention. “You use morphine?” He asked. I said,“Nope I just wanted to see what else you would hand over without blinking." Yes, yes, I’m exceptionally irritating but willy nilly dispensing drugs on the say so of a patient you have never seen before indicates anyone can be a doctor. Luckily, in Oz, I can go to any doctor I want and I shall exercise that right and be grateful for it.


anny cook said...

Ahhhh. I LOVE it!