Wednesday, 7 March 2012


So I was at Woollies – Woolworths Supermarket for non Aussies – and I was in the personal care aisle buying a specific L’Oreal night cream – because I’m worth it – and it was on sale so I was extra worth it - and there were 7 boy teenage boys a bit further down the aisle discussing condoms. Seriously. They were taking packets down – they’re always on the top shelf – and reading the merits of each. They were deadly serious in their research. I had to go past them, and they stepped aside respectfully, possibly scared I would run them down because I had the edgy after work look, and I said ‘school project boys?’ because there was major discussion going. Several went red and I just said ‘Good for you. We don’t have enough real men around.’

Condoms? Up to you whether you use them. I’m not about to preach but it was good to see these guys, undoubtedly horny as hell, were taking sex seriously. Maybe the future isn't will be...carefully.


anny cook said...

Perfect. I'm glad to read about this!