Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kit Catlyn…Hot As Hell…

Who is Kit Catlyn? No, she’s not me. I have enough trouble with the names I do have. Talk about Heinz 57 varieties. But Kit? She’s a one off…an original and one of the few very good authors that do not go inundating us with stuff. What she writes is good and solid and worth reading. As for hot? Hot as Hell, baby.

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The Blurb…

Faire-man, Adan Edward’s impish aunt is always up to mischief. But this time she surpasses herself when she places a wager with the devil. The stakes? Redemption of Satan’s beautiful minion against Adan’s soul. One look at the sultry beauty and Adan’s willing to risk it, unaware the results will be Hot As Hell.

The excerpt…

He entered the Demon Lounge, smiling at the appropriateness of the title. Leave it to the woman to find the hottest new club in South Beach. He stood at the top of the stairs, his hand on the black iron balustrade breathing in the scent of alcohol and such a flagrant mix of perfumes that it made his nose twitch and his head spin. The band played a rock and roll number from the sixties.

His gaze, like every other male in the bar gravitated to the woman in red on the dance floor. There was no doubt, she was thoroughly enjoying herself as she swung under her partners locked arms, her silky dress flaring, revealing a marvelous set of legs atop stiletto red heels. Pure joy radiated from her smile.
For a moment, he forgot to breath. This woman might be made for sinful pleasures, but she was also made for love and life not death and the pits of hell. He wondered what had sent her there.
As Adan made his way down the steps and across the crowded floor to the bar, several women caught his eye, an open invitation on their faces. He nodded but kept going.
“Scotch on the Rocks,” he told the bartender. As he waited for his drink, he looked up and saw his reflection in the wide mirror. The male looking back at him with dark brown eyes would have passed for a man anywhere. The only sign of his wings were two knots on his shoulder blades and those were hidden by an expensive gray shirt. He shifted his gaze to his trousers and plucked a small piece of lint from the black silk.
“Here you go, sir.” The round, balding bartender set the glass down in front of him.
“Keep the change.” Adan passed him a bill.
“Thank you, sir.” The bartender lifted the glass, passed a white towel along the wood, returned the glass and walked away.
The cool tumbler in his hand, Adan took a sip of the liquid, letting it run down his throat and warm his stomach. He turned, leaning his elbows on the counter, and watched the dancers. In particular, one red dress that flashed like garnets against the dark smoky dance floor.
The band switched songs and began a slow bluesy number.
The woman looked up seductively into the big jock’s arms she danced with. He gathered her close.
Adan took another sip of Scotch, studied the two then set his glass down and pushed away from the bar. Winding his way between the dancers, swaying back and forth, he tapped the big burly man on the arm. “Cutting in, mate.”
Adan was six-two but the man the demon danced with towered over him and had a neck as thick as a tree.
“I don’t think so, mate,” the jock emphasized the last word and swung her around.
In a smooth blur of motion, Adan once again stood in front of them. He looked directly at the demon. “Before this goes any further, do you have a problem dancing with me?”
“No problem at all.” Her cobalt eyes warmed with sexual heat, her gaze traveled from the top of his curly close-cropped black hair down to his expensive Italian loafers, giving him a slow seductive smile.

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