Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sliding doors…

I was organizing accommodation for various people so they could leave the office thus leaving me in peace…no wait…that’s not it…they had to do business stuff far away out of the office, again leaving me in peace. Anyway I had to organize stuff in one town that I lived in for a short period as a kid. My father was in the army. Like most Army brats we travelled a lot. We saw a lot. We learnt a lot – fast. As I scrolled through the various internet sites for this town, lots of memories came back and I wondered what my life would have been like if we had settled in one place and never moved. No, it’s not realistic but it was interesting to ponder how I would have changed, who I would have missed out on meeting and would I, in essence, be any damn different to what I am now. As a friend and I often say ‘it’s just another sliding door moment….’


anny cook said...

I can't imagine having lived in one place. I know people who have, but it doesn't compute for me.