Saturday, 10 March 2012

Keep your legs together ladies...

"What we say is that in order for Mom to be able to go on welfare if she has a child out of wedlock, you have to tell us who the father is,"
"If you don't tell us who the father is, you're not eligible for any welfare benefits, none, not even medical care. You tell us who the father is or you don't receive benefits." Santorum argued that his proposal could persuade single women to slow their sex lives, which, in turn, would lead to less out-of-wedlock parenting. "If Mom knows that she isn't gonna receive welfare if she doesn't tell us who Dad is, y'know maybe she'll be a little more careful, maybe," he said."Or maybe she gives us a list, say 'Well it could be one of five,'" Santorum went on. "I mean, y'know, I don't know what she's gonna do, but at some point we're gonna see her cooperate." Santorum’s proposal raised a number of questions. For instance, what if the mother wasn’t sure of the father’s identity? To that possibility, he proposed even greater government involvement.
"We say to Mom that you tell us the wrong name, and we'll bring that guy in and we'll do a blood test and that's not Dad, you lose your welfare benefits... Not till you tell us another name, but till we find out who Dad is, we establish it." At a meeting in Williamsport, Pa., in March 1994, Santorum advocated that teenage moms should be ineligible for welfare, arguing that a main reason they got pregnant in the first place is because "they get a pretty big cash benefit." Santorum's focus on mothers during a report from that March. The paper noted that "his bill would encourage states to refuse welfare to unmarried parents, require unmarried minor mothers to live with their parents, and the bill would reduce federal payments to states that do not achieve high rates of paternity establishment."

Social commentator and finder of wacky news Abigail-Madison Chase, who I regularly read, posted this on her facebook page. It’s what Rick Santorum, one of the many insincere looking, big white teeth, can’t-trust-any-of-them-contenders for the US Presidential race said. I say show me someone with crooked teeth and scars on their hands and I’d vote for them. But I’m not in Yankee-land. However I am concerned which nonghead gets in next because they have the power to truly fuck up the world.

Anyway, this Santorum guy said all this in 1994. Yeah, it was a while ago but people don’t change that much.

"If Mom knows that she isn't gonna receive welfare if she doesn't tell us who Dad is, y'know maybe she'll be a little more careful, maybe," he said."

Well exactly. Its women who make men have sex. Men don’t want to have it.

Clearly, what needs to happen here is all women who are unmarried are immediately to be handed chastity belts, wear black flowing robes that cover them from head to toe, be forbidden to even look at a man and basically if they’re not married by 30 they should be imprisoned as recalcitrant. Or if you believe in equal rights then maybe just don’t vote for this Santorum nitwit.

I’m thinking this Rick bloke needs to go to a quiet place, lie down, have a long nap and leave the world alone.


anny cook said...

Exactly. It's a scary place here in the sunny USA...

Sandra Cox said...

Scary isn't it?