Friday, 30 March 2012

Toad Day Out...

Bob Irwin will join with Cairns Regional Council to protect Cairns’ unique ecosystem at this weekend’s “(Not Just a) Toad Day Out”. The event will provide information about pest species of both animals and plants, combined with children’s activities and a cane toad collection point.

“We will have prizes for the heaviest, live toad brought in and the heaviest
collection of toads but, as the name suggests, we’re concentrating on more than just toads this year,” said council’s coordinator of natural areas management, Russell Wild.

See what excitement we have in the tropics of Cairns? More importantly we have to beat slack arsed rival town Townsville’s count. Shouldn’t be hard. They’re soooo average.
Come to Cairns. We’re fun, quirky and hot. What else could you want?


Sandra Cox said...

What happens to the toads after the contest?o