Saturday, 24 March 2012

Just give me the facts…

I won’t lie. I got through University using Cliffs Notes. What are they? Condensed versions of a book that set out the facts and main points without all the drivel in between.I have no idea who Cliff may have been but what a beaut bloke he was. He saved me hours of time trying to wade their epics of intense boredom like The Pilgrim’s Progress – really Christian should have got it at the slough of despair and we would never have had to hear about that annoying bugger again. And the The Scarlet Letter? That’s supposed to be passion filled epic novel. All I could see was a spineless wimp who knocked up a local woman and then refused to do the right thing by her. He should have joined the other one in the slough. But I didn’t, as much as I wanted to, write those thoughts in my assignments. I diligently read through that main points that Cliff set out and then re-wrote them in Amarinda-speak. Cheating? Maybe. If you do it badly and get caught. Do it well and no one knows and that gets you an A.

My point is this – we waste so much time analysing stuff or listening to long-winded crap that I say there should be Cliffs Notes on everything – school,work, politicians, supermarkets etc. Let’s not piss around with the boring bits of life. Give me Cliff’s version and let’s get on with life.