Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tin-pot gods...

I have been reading a thread on another blog about this woman who has never published a book yet slams other writers and readers for their books or reading choices – and to top it off she was been given some moderator powers to rule over what comments others make on a book site. Oh, and she writes but from what I gather it’s just for herself to read yet she’s a fantastic writer. Uh-huh. This fits into something I have been thinking about of late. Who are these people who set themselves up as tin-pot gods and why is it they always manage to weasel their way into positions of power without any of us realizing it before it’s too late? I’m thinking it’s because we’re all out living life and achieving real, substantial things and these tin-pot gods slowly manipulate power until we realize that they’re on the scene and we’re stuck with them. Politicians are a good indicator or this or people who run school boards or parent/teacher committees or PayPal.

So why do we let them do it? First up I believe we’re all too busy and they’re not so they use that to crawl up to whatever level of tin-pot goddery they can before we realize and by then they’re entrenched. Think of chewing gum on your shoe. There’s also the theory of the ‘the great man’ in history who comes along and changes/disrupts worlds, not necessarily for good, and we’re stuck with those changes. Essentially tin-pot gods are insidious. How do we fight them? It’s not easy because their usually arse kissers. It has to be on a combined level and that’s we’re the problem lies – we’re all too busy….it’s a vicious circle.

* Tin-pot god – lacking real substance. Think about those schlock
1950’s movies where villages in the jungle would worship a old battered tin pot because they had never seen one before so it must be good.


anny cook said...

I believe you are correct. AND they're nearly impossible to get rid of. They are not above stalking you, if necessary, and in the world of "social media", I suspect this chick could make things quite miserable if she took it into her head to do so. I'll be watching this story with deep interest.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday when I read a review of one of my books and I noticed the reviewer, who trashed my book and called me a crap writer spelled series, seerris. :)
Yes, she is English-speaking.

Sandra Cox said...

Amarinda, that's a head shaker. I've never understood it.

Julia, that is so totally rude. Some people have to tear others down to build themselves up. Your writing rocks.