Monday, 14 October 2013

All things taipan...

 So, I bought season tickets for the Cairns Taipans home games in Cairns. Why? I don't understand basketball at all but I like the whole tribal atmosphere of a stadium of people supporting the home team.

Who are the Cairns Taipans? Click here –

What is a Taipan? It’s a local snake that will kill you dead. Click here - 

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Margaret cheered at the top of her lungs as the Taipans scored another goal. They were at the Cairns Convention Centre, known to the locals as the Snake Pit. Her team, the Taipans, named after the deadliest snake in the world, came from the Cairns area, hence the name of the basketball venue. She and Kath were sitting amidst a sea of orange clad Taipan supporters. They outnumbered the visiting Townsville Crocs fans twenty to one.
Margaret loved the tribal atmosphere of the Snake Pit. She wasn’t a huge fan of the game as she didn’t really understand it, but she did support the home team. That was all that mattered. She looked around, waving at a few people she knew. It seemed that most of Cairns were there tonight.
“Well fuck,” Margaret muttered when she saw the blond man several rows down from where they sat.
“That dickhead from the taxi rank is here.”
Margaret pointed him out, hoping he wouldn’t turn and see her. It was unlikely. He was sitting beside a very pretty looking blond. Typical.
Kath looked impressed. “Wow! He’s gorgeous! Oh hey, he’s looking over.” She waved at him.
Margaret grabbed her friend’s hand. “Don’t do that. He’s the enemy.”
“Right. Sorry. I forgot we hate him.”
“No, we don’t hate him. We just dislike him a lot.”